March 20th, 2006


The Complete (Known) Angel History

Hey guys! Your old pal 90'sCartoonMan here. My DVDs (Justice League, Batman Beyond, South Park, and Teen Titans) shall arrive in a matter of days, and I'm nervous. Every day the DVDs are out and I DON'T have them, is like being kicked square in the nuts by Daffy Dork.

In any event, I shall take a break from my whining (which, I assume, will resume tomorrow) to dig up an old Angel timelist I made. Jeb, if you're reading, sorry I haven't made any entries recently, work's been kicking my ass. And so has my internet service. Really more of a double team. Anyway, to whet everyone's whistle (and to prove that I am a geek with too much time on his hands), here's a history of Angel throughout the years (obviously spoilers for Buffy seasons 1-3 and the entire Angel series):

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