March 18th, 2006


Whatever Happened...?

I was totally PMSing today. I think I'm on my period. Today was the day my dad was to return after two long months in the south. I wanted to make sure I cleaned up my messes, straightened things out, whatever.

But things have been weird for me lately. I keep wanted to make an entry about what's going on at work, but I guess I'll be putting that off again. I don't know what it was, but I just felt like today was a good day to process things.

I read the conclusion to Alan Moore's "Whatever Happend To The Man of Tomorrow?" this morning. I won't spoil anything, but it's a great Silver Age conclusion story. His final words brought tears to my eyes.

I did my usual thing today, I ran in the morning, went to get some comics, and I tidied up the place in the afternoon. I watched the Angel conclusion, "Not Fade Away", which gets me all the time. More tears.

Last but not least, I watched the 4-part JLU Cadmus finale along with "Epilogue". Haven't watched it them back to back before, and I like the way it goes from the small investigation of Question to this huge thing. Although I'm wondering how Booster Gold got from Earth to the Watchtower. Anyway, "Epilogue" made me cry.

My dad arrived safely, and I'm trying to figure things out. Who am I? Where am I going? If I learned anything from all that stuff I read and watched, it's that we can't just throw away our lives. They have to mean something. And it's all up to us, personally to make decisions. To take responsibility for what we do and what happens to us. We can't give in to the way the world works if we don't like it or feel it's unjust. We shouldn't go along with whatever path seemed forged for us, we don't have to surrender to "destiny". If we carve our own paths, we can achieve greatness.