March 7th, 2006


The Suspense, She Kills Me

Ugh! Last weekend was kinda depressing for me. I find it hard to motivate myself sometimes. I still hadn't heard back from the place I interviewed at last Monday, so I called them on Friday and got the machine. That sorta got me down.

The good thing about Friday, though, was I got this submission packet from Platinum Studios. They sent me a lot too, considering I didn't have to pay for shipping or anything, just shoot them an e-mail.

So even though I didn't feel like going to Clockwork to get comics, I did motivate myself to organize a Seafarer pitch for Platinum. Plus I made stromboli on Sunday, so that was fun.

Yesterday? The living embodiment of Monday.

Today was all right. I got together my Seafarer stuff and sent it out to Platinum. Now I just have to wait a month to hear back from them. When I got home from work, I called the placement agency, and they said the woman I interviewed with was transferred, and they'd take a look into what I was doing. That was...unexpected. But it doesn't help ease me too much.

Ugh, see, that's what happens when I make entries on my life. Here's a random observation...minor spoilers for JLU's "Great Brain Robbery":

Flash-in-Luthor says he doesn't wash his hands because he's evil, right? Does that make Earth-FG Wonder Woman evil too? If you remember, in a cutaway scene in an episode of Family Guy, Wonder Woman used the bathroom on her invisible plane and didn't wash her hands.

Yeah, I think about that kind of stuff.

Next time - I react to Matt's comments on sexual relations, coming of age, and superheroes! You won't want to miss it!