February 16th, 2006


Justice League Question...

When I get bored at work (which, let's face it, is 7 hours out of the 8 hour day), I'm always cruising Toon Zone or Comic Book Resources or LJ or whatever. So my co-worker always jokes around with me about cartoons, and I tell her how awesome Justice League is.

She said she only saw one episode where a girl with long hair (she wasn't sure of the color) saved another girl and the girl didn't thank her. That's as far as the episode description goes. I'm thinking it's "Paradise Lost", but I'm not sure. Any guesses?

I finally pre-ordered Justice League and Batman Beyond. I put a bunch of crap with it, including Teen Titans and a collection of Alan Moore stories. I'm holding everything until March 21st, though, just so I have some money on hand when the time comes.