February 14th, 2006


Valentine's Day Entry...HOORAY!

I haven't had Live Journal for long, but if I DID, every single Valentine's Day entry would be full of misery and self-loathing. Especially the ones during high school and college.

But I'm okay now. I think. Well, I'm cut off from the rest of the world (except for work), so that means I can't pine over any women...

...except the ones on TV! Here are three women I've lusted over the past week:

1) Liza Weil - She plays Paris Gellar on Gilmore Girls. Paris is a bit psycho and bossy, but for some reason I find that attractive.

2) Lisa Loeb - Has anyone seen #1 Single? Oh man! I've only watched bits and pieces of it, but Lisa Loeb is awesome. I'd love to date her, I don't care that she's 14 years older than me. I mean, her initials are L.L. and she voiced Mary Jane on the MTV Spider-Man cartoon. What's not to love?!

3) Tara Sands - I thought I'd never tell another human soul about my attraction to her, but now it's kinda funny. She co-hosts Cartoon Fridays, and acts goofy and stuff. She's really cute, though.

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