February 13th, 2006


Favorite Fictional Couples

I made this as a year-end 2004 kind of thing, but since it's almost Valentine's Day, rather than whine about things (well, I'll probably do that tomorrow), I'll give my top ten favorite fictional couples (and before you say anything, dealing with multiple continuities is hard enough, so I just stuck to main continuity comics, so there will be no John/Shayera):

10) Homer Jay Simpson and Marge Bouvier Simpson - Obviously one of the more entertaining couples comedically speaking. Homer and Marge work because he's so devoted to her...and she got felt up by Artie Ziff and then knocked up by Homer. They continue a strange but fun marriage.

9)Goliath and Elisa Maza - There's nothing like interspecial love that started out as fear and mistrust. Goliath and Elisa may not have ended up as together at the end of the series as they should have, but what we got was a great progression of their relationship.

8) Corey Matthews and Topanga Lawrence Matthews - This is just one of those couples that was meant to be together. They grew up together, they fell in love, and they got married.

7) Scott Summers and Jean Grey Summers - The Adam and Eve of mutants. Mutant boy meets mutant girl. They're the heart and soul of the X-Men, and they prove that love can flourish in a world that hates and fears them.

6) Angel and Buffy Anne Summers - Not every couple on this list ends up together. It's tragic and romantic, an immortal vampire and a teenage girl feel true love for the first time.

5) Wallace Rudolph West and Linda Park - Wally went through a lot of relationships. Raven, Magenta, his horny period, but when it was time for him to grow up, he met Linda. She helped make him mature, and he really loves her. Whenever he gets lost in the Speed Force, she's his anchor that draws him back.

4) Aladdin and Princess Jasmine - Ah, a fairy tale romance. It took them quite a while to get married, but they had a great relationship. In "Eye of the Beholder", Jasmine is turned into a snake monster with poison spikes and there's no cure, so Aladdin turns himself into one so he could be with her. Now that's devotion.

3) Clark Kent and Lois Lane - I'm kind of cheating with this since a large part of what got them this spot was Superman 2, Lois and Clark, and STAS, but I don't care, their love is the stuff legends are made of. Lois gets the man of her dreams, and Clark gets stability in his dual life. Of all the things Superman can do and has seen, nothing is as valuable to him as Lois.

2) Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson Parker - Peter's life is full of problems, especially those involving women. One of his greatest tragedies was his failure to save Gwen Stacey from the Green Goblin. When that didn't make sense, when being Spider-Man didn't make sense, when the world didn't make sense, the one thing that did was Mary Jane. She didn't have an easy life, with her family and her relationship with Harry Osborne. Peter's love and devotion proved to her that true love does exist. They helped each other survive.

1) Reed Richards and Susan Storm Richards - I'm probably the only one who thinks this, but Reed and Sue are the greatest couple. Yes, some relationships are more intense and tragedy is a great angle, but when you get right down to it, I want to see a marriage that works. No fear of the human love interest being killed off, no fear of separation. In many ways, Reed and Sue's relationship began when they were married. They're part of one of the world's most renowned teams, but more importantly, they're Marvel's First Family. They support each other and have been through so much. And also, Sue is just as important as Reed, so you get a better sense of equality than you do heroes with human significant others. If anyone proves that romantic love and family life and superheroing can co-exist peacefully, it's them.

Honorable Mentions - Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, Harvey Kinkle and Sabrina Spellman, Hank Hill and Peggy Hill (sorry Matt), Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski, Tristan and Isolde, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and Winifred Burkle, me and my geekness, Bruce Wayne and Talia, Alan Scott and Molly, Bob and Dot Matrix, Vision and Scarlet Witch, Kif Kroker and Amy Wong, aaaaaaaand...just for the heck of it, Joker/Harley and John Stewart/Shayera from DCAU.