February 9th, 2006


The Fox Network: The Evil That Men Do

I'm a storyteller, but long before that, I was a story listener. A story reader/ A story enjoyer. Is it any wonder I became the geeky fanboy I am today?

Most of you know the dark side of fandom, fans get angry, and they get crazy. I'm not one of those crazy fans, but I am an angry fan. Sometimes. I get angry when people mistreat their stories, when people mistreat their characters. Because really, they're mistreating their audience.

I always thought Kevin Smith was a cool guy, I liked his movies, liked his run on Daredevil, liked his Green Arrow. Sure, they were late, but it wasn't bad. In 2002 (I think), he began a mini-series called Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do. It was interesting, and typical Smith work. After issue 3 or 4, the mini just...stopped coming out (he only did ONE issue of Daredevil: Target). Well a couple months ago, the next issue of Spider-Man/Black Cat came out, and after some soul searching (and review reading), I decided not to buy it.

Why not? Because Kevin Smith doesn't respect deadlines. My interest for that mini has LONG waned, and I probably would've still read it if there were positive reviews, but you know what? By the way, spoiler warning, Smith added insult to injury. He retroactively turned Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, into a rape victim (and from the sound of it, didn't even do it tastefully). He told the story poorly and he messed up the character.

You know what else I'm angry at? Fox. I admit it, I miss Reunion. Not knowing what happens really bugs me. And with that show, you get bits of the future too, I feel like it's an incomplete puzzle. I didn't put it past Fox to do something like this, but they are NOT storytellers. They don't respect the art. Heck, the same can be said for Cartoon Network and the way they treat Justice Leage Unlimited (you don't KNOW how seeing a preview with Captain Cold in it in November and STILL not seeing that episode screws with me). I'm just a completist whore, though, I still want to see the ending of Green Style: Origins.

I don't blame Style for anything, but what Fox has done with Reunion completely ruins my faith in them. Nothing short of bringing back Firefly will get me to watch another new show on Fox (not that Firefly is new, I just can't think of any examples). No, you know what? ::switches to Cartman mode:: That's fine! That's fine! F&#* you, Kevin Smith, and F&#* you Fox! ::leaves::

::comes back:: F&#* you, Cartoon Network! ::leaves::

::comes back:: Style, you're still cool ::leaves::

[thanks to GregX, for slightly inspiring this]