February 5th, 2006


How Do You Find A Job?

This question has plagued me for years. The search for the job, the job you can look forward to going to, the job you can actually see yourself at for a few years. But it's hard.

I just watched the Deep Space Nine two-parter "Past Tense". Depressed the hell out of me. And it took place in the 2020's. What hope does someone in their 20's like me have? I have a college degree, but that's not enough. You need connections and know how to network.

I suck at networking. I suck at being social. In fact, networking is harder for me because it seems like you're only building a relationship with this person because you want something from them. I know it's supposed to be mutually beneficial and all that, but I'm just not comfortable with the whole thing.

My internship ended recently, and there's no set way for me to get a job in the entertainment industry. No guidelines. I've been calling lots of talent agencies and production companies asking for employment, but I haven't met with a lot of success. I'm not discouraged and I don't feel like giving up because I've only been at this a couple of weeks, but I'm just confused.

I hate to say this, but you know who gets ahead in this world? The Rory Gilmores and the Eric Cartmen. I mean, when Rory wanted that job at the newspaper, she wouldn't accept no for an answer. She kept bothering that guy even though he didn't have any positions open, and she got hired. And Cartman, that guy's got determination too. When he wanted stem cells, he negotiated with as many suppliers as he could find. Then there was the time he was looking for sperm.

Could I ever do something like that? Cold calling makes me nervous enough, but I'm not sure if I have what it takes to really attack a company or position through non-conventional means.

I just read Will Eisner's "The Dreamer", a somewhat autobiographical story about him working in the comics business in the 1930's/40's. He took a lot of chances, and it paid off for him. Pretty inspirational.

I guess I just need to stop being such a schmuck. Finding employment is so much different than academic work that I never really prepared myself for it. But you spend so much time working, trying to find work, trying to get ahead. Sometimes I have no idea where I'm heading, and it scares me.