January 15th, 2006


A Gal Named Barbara

Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl AKA Oracle is one of the most well-known comic book heroines. She's up there with Catwoman and Wonder Woman and is probably more known by the general public than any Marvel heroines. Barbara Gordon was in the old 60's Batman show as Batgirl and even in BTAS despite the fact that she had retired for a good 5 years.

That's my first screenshot, by the way, I don't even know if it came out good...

Anyway, Barbara retired Batgirl in the 80's and was then shot by the Joker. Wheelchair bound, she became Oracle, with unlimited amounts of information thanks to her unparalleled computer skills. She helped the Suicide Squad, and in the 90's became so important that even the JLA, The Titans, and Young Justice all relied on her.

Oracle was teamed up with Black Canary in a comic book called Birds of Prey. Great concept started by Chuck Dixon, it has now flourished under Gail Simone (who also wrote JLU's "Double Date").

Now, back in the days of BTAS and TNBA, I wasn't a huge fan of Barbara Gordon. Didn't like the fact that she and Bruce were involved romantically, although being Commisioner Gordon in Batman Beyond wasn't bad. The Batgirl of Batman & Robin sucked, and Oracle in the Birds of Prey TV show was good (Dina Meyer did a lot better than the rest of the cast), but the show in general was subpar.

Having said all that, I just read Birds of Prey #89, and it has become one of my favorite Barbara Gordon moments. After severing ties with Batman Post-War Games, recovering from a Brainiac attack, and moving to Metropolis, Barbara decides to tell her father everything.

As suspected, Commisioner Gordon did know that she was Batgirl, but he didn't know how important Oracle is. It was a great moment, and it brought them both closer together.