January 14th, 2006


Alone Again

My father has been retired for 3 or 4 years now, and since graduating college, I moved back in to spice up his life (or, in many instances, be a lazy freeloader).

Since my dad is retired, he likes to take extended vacations. He spent last summer in Ireland (he has dual citizenship) and now he's gone south for the winter, leaving me all by my 23-year-old lonesome.

Recently, we acquired another car, a used Buick LeSabre, so my dad could take the Ford with him on his trip. So I've been getting used to the Buick (which I've named Billy) all week. It makes sense for 90'sCartoonMan to drive a car from the 90's, I just hope it'll hold up.

Oh, but what to do what to do while my father is gone? Wait...I still have, like, a job. And an internship. And I need to do some cleaning of the garage and basement.

So...what was my point to all this? Uh...well...three day weekend, hooray! Time to get cracking on that resolution...and try not to go stir crazy!
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