January 10th, 2006


Setting Sail

So as promised, I'm going to talk about that comic book script I sent to Dark Horse. But first, let's flashback to the year 2001. Back when I still thought I had a chance of winning scholarships, I saw one that offered prizes to science fiction/fantasy stories. First I entered The Scythian (a story for another time, perhaps), and they said "keep going", so instead, I decided to write a longer story - Seafarer.

Partially inspired by Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, I came up with the idea of a man named Captain Johnathan Revere (and before you guys come up with your Enterprise and Serenity comparisons, I DID come up with this in 2001, so back off) who inherited his boat from his father, a naval officer who died in a war. They aren't on Earth or anything, but it's supposed to have a 17th Century England feel to it. Revere has his first mate, his mechanic, and he ends up meeting an amnesiatic merman (up until then they thought mermen were just myths), and a guy who talks to birds. I never did finish it for the contest, but I got bored a few months ago and found the Dark Horse submision page, and decided to re-use this idea.

So in the story, Revere finds this passage in the Aquarion (Bible for people who worship Aquarius, the God of the Sea) and goes to find the Jewel of The Seas (he'd rather be hunting treasure than be a part of the king's navy). The first arc is about that adventure, and it's 6 issues long. Dark Horse wanted the first eight pages and a one-page description of the whole thing. It was a lot of fun to do.

Of course, I expanded a lot of the universe. I have, like, five arcs plotted out. I'm probably going to finish writing the whole first arc and then move on to other stuff (Seafarer is a lot of fun, but I'm more interested in writing scripts for television rather than comic books).