January 7th, 2006


2005's Dreams

I'm coming close on the end of my 2005 thing. Next entry will be my top ten most notable accomplishments as well as a year in review thing, the entry after that will be my 2006 resolution, and then after that, I'll probably start making entries like a normal human being.

Kury always shares her interesting dreams, and even Style had an entry about it. I made a list of my top ten dreams this year (yes, I keep a dream log), and I'm not going to write all of them out, but I will mention the top three.

The first one starred a girl similar to Alicia from Smallville (Clark's stalker), but in my case, I forgave her for stalking me, and we sorta decided to date. #2 on the list was about Chiaki Kuriyama moving to the US and me meeting her at a party, and we almost went to the movies. #3 was me arguing with Paris (from Gilmore Girls), and then we started hugging.

My dreams aren't deeply sexual or anything like that, but a lot of them involve women (actually, this year none of my power ring dreams were that exciting, hence why one wasn't in the top three). Man, I've got serious issues. Or I need a girlfriend. Or both.
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