January 1st, 2006


Jen or Dinah?

Happy New Year, folks! I'll get to my 2005 evaluation/2006 preparation later (yeah, I'm still behind), but as of right now, I'm composing my top ten heroine list. It's easy to pick my favorite hero because at any time since I was 12, it was either Spider-Man, Captain America, Flash, or Green Lantern. As far as my favorite heroine goes, that always changes (my friend says it's because I can't commit to a woman).

Last year my number 1 was Buffy. Actually, I think it's always been Buffy since I started this. But, well, she's sliding back a little because, ya know, no new Buffy in like two years.

Two heroines stood out this year, and I'm trying to decide who should be #1. She-Hulk and the Black Canary. They're smart, they kick serious butt, and they look great with green. But who do I like better? Gail Simone's been writing an awesome Black Canary in Birds of Prey, but recently Dan Slott's She-Hulk book has been one of my favorite Marvel titles.

Argh, I can't choose! They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Can anyone come up with one solid reason (preferably not involving Morena Baccarin) that gives one the clear advantage over the other? Here's what my list looks like now:

10) Snow White
9) Mary Marvel
8) Battygirl
7) Spider-Girl
6) Storm
5) Invisible Woman
4) Buffy Summers
3) Wonder Woman
2) ?????
1) ?????

Compare And Contrast!

I think it was senior year of high school when I first did my Spider-Girl/Batman Beyond compare and contrast. I didn't bother to look it up now because things have changed, especially for Terry. Oh, and huge spoilers for "Epilogue", so Dave, maybe you should stop reading.

Anyway, every year I pick two people to compare and contrast. Last year it was Wolverine and Spike. This SHOULD be in Venn Diagram form so it's better to read, but I don't know how to do that on LJ. So here it is, a compare and contrast between Spider-Girl and Batman Beyond:


Both the children of the previous hero to have that name.
Larger symbol on costume
Reserve member of the largest super team in their world
Younger brother
High school student
Active social life
Next generation


Different genders
Different universes
Batman's rogues aren't connected to the previous Batman's, Spider-Girl's rogues are often the children of Spider-Man's.
The man who raised Terry died, inspiring him, May's parents are alive and well
Terry is further in the future and lives in a futuristic looking world, May lives in the future/present if Spider-Man's stories did take place in the 1960's.
One's in comics, the other a cartoon

Man, there's gotta be a lot I'm missing...but I can't think. I suck.