December 30th, 2005


Linda Parkness!

Man, why did I start doing these so late? There's so little time left. Anyway, there's talks of a Flash movie, and if that ever gets made, I know the perfect person to play Wally West's love interest Linda Park - Star Trek Enterprise's Linda Park! Here are my ten reasons:

1) Both Linda Park and Linda Park are Korean
2) Attracting Star Trek geeks to a Flash movie will help it do well in the box office
3) Linda Park is about the same age as Linda Park
4) Linda Park has said that her favorite episode of Enterprise is "Through A Mirror Darkly", and one of Flash's villains is Mirror Master (yeah, this reason sucks, but I need ten)
5) It leaves the Flash movie open to many warp speed jokes
6) Linda Park is a lot better looking than Katie Holmes, the last love interest DC used
7) Hoshi didn't have a lot to do on Enterprise. We'd get to see more of what Linda Park is capable of if she were in a Flash movie.
8) Enterprise is over, I need my Linda Park fix!
9) Going from Star Trek to a comic book movie isn't that tough a transition
10) They like, have the same name...come on!!!

I know some of them are kinda flimsy. Last year was Bruce Campbell as Mysterio and the year before was John Billingsly as Beast, so I decided to go for a female and a DC character. any better suggestions?
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