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One Track Mind

December 27th, 2005

01:31 pm - Taking Care of a Few Things

Okay, I settled on my detectives list. Here it is:

10) Angel
9) Harvey Bullock
8) Dick Tracy
7) Encyclopedia Brown
6) Jake Gittes
5) Elongated Man
4) Adrian Monk
3) Elisa Maza
2) Batman
1) Sherlock Holmes

Note: This is based on them using their skills only as a detective and not any other factor. The Great Mouse Detective is going to get an honorable mention.

Next up, my list of top ten voices done by Ed Asner (last year was Tress MacNeille and the year before was Frank Welker):

10) Thaddeus T. Third (Recess)
9) Hephaestus (JLU)
8) Stinky (King of the Hill)
7) Newspaper Editor (The Simpsons)
6) Hoggish Greedly (Captain Planet)
5) Roland Dagget (Batman The Animated Series)
4) Granny Goodness (Superman The Animated Series/Justice League Unlimited)
3) Cosgrove (Freakazoid)
2) J. Jonah Jameson (Spider-Man)
1) Hudson (Gargoyles)

I must point out that none of my lists are set in stone until midnight December 31st/January 1st, so if you disagree with any of these, feel free to tell me.
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