December 24th, 2005


Christmas Eve!!!

I can't stand it...what if one of those presents under the tree is the TNBA box set?! Aaaaaargh! I know, I'll update my Live Journal.

I got up around 8 yesterday, and dad and I were on the road around 9. The drive down to Virginia wasn't bad. My dad did the start and finish, and I drove through Delaware and Maryland. We were at my mom's place by 6:30.

Today my sister drove up from UNC and got here at about 2. The four of us went to my grandmother's and had Christmas Eve dinner there. We ate duck...ugh! That poor creature, he could've been Uncle Scrooge! He tasted good, though.

So now the four of us are at my mom's, just hanging out. And those presents are just sitting there, I think I'm going to go insane! It wouldn't be so bad, but Christmas falls on a Sunday, so we have to go get grandma then go to church, then come back, and THEN we can open presents. I don't know how much more of this I can take. At least there's a South Park Christmas marathon on tonight. And I haven't seen that Krypto my mom Tivo-ed for me. least there are some ways to pass the time...

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night (especially since some of you are having trouble sleeping)!!!