December 20th, 2005


The MTA Strike of Aught 5

Today was my last day in New York for the year (I go back to my internship on January 3rd), and it was quite the interesting day.

As you may know, there's a mass transit strike in New York. Buses weren't operated and all the subway stations were closed off (it was pretty freaky seeing that).

This didn't affect my commute at all, as I take the New Haven line into Grand Central and walk to my internship from there. This morning I saw people biking, skateboarding, and there were tons of guys out there with rickshaws (is that the word?) to cart people around, I guess. Make some money, but man, it's cold.

I got some shopping done during my lunch break. I still had a handful of people to shop for, so I went to a few cute little outdoor shops and got what I needed.

Getting back home sucked. We all left early just in case, but Grand Central was mobbed. The lower level was closed off and there was this huge line for the Bronx train. My train was next to it, so I was lucky I managed to find it. Well, I'm home now, and I expect the city to return to normal by the next time I go there.