December 18th, 2005


Death And Rebirth

I already know I'm overly sentimental, but man, I'm going to miss my old Sharp 18 inch. I got that TV for Christmas of 1996, and I had it with me through college. I watched Buffy, South Park, The Batman/Superman Adventures, and nearly ten years of television on it. And now it's gone. The nob on the back broke off last week, and I could kinda force it in before (picture was really fuzzy), but then the wire snapped off so now there's nothing.

Luckily for me, dad and I went shopping today and as a Christmas gift of sorts, he got me a 20 inch. Picture and sound are good, so I am happy (especially after a long day of shopping at the mall yesterday, ooh boy).

Anyway, New Years is fast approaching, and I do many things to celebrate it (in some ways, I look forward to New Years more than Christmas). So in some upcoming entries, I'll be asking for opinions on lists and whatnot. Right now I'm forming a list of my top ten favorite detectives, and all I have are:

Sherlock Holmes, Batman, Harvey Bullock, Elisa Maza, Monk, Elongated Man, Encyclopedia Brown, and Angel. That's in no particular order, once I have my ten, then I'll rank them. I missing someone?