November 29th, 2005



So as I mentioned before, Thanksgiving was great. My friend Chris came back for the weekend (he goes to UNC-Charlotte), and we rounded up the whole crew (well, just us, Shantryce, and Jess, I suppose) and played some in the dark pillow fight (which is pretty much what it sounds like, but we used Socker Boppers...until one broke). It's kind of an annual tradition, and it's pretty funny.

I woke up on Saturday to watch The Batman, but then I went right to sleep and didn't get up until 12:30 almost! Usually I go out running around 10, but since it was cold, I was just going to use the treadmill. Unfortunately, the painters were reparing the ceiling in the basement, so I just ran around the block.

Saturday night, Shantryce and I went over Chris' and had a blast. I woke up on Sunday feeling a bit better and did five miles on the treadmill. For dinner I cooked plum chicken with an apricot glaze. Last time I made it, dad and I had already eaten most of the plums so there was only 3 left, and I didn't use as much apricot preserves. It came out better this time.

Yesterday I woke up feeling like crap. I just figured it was a post-vacation sort of thing. As you probably don't know yet (because I still haven't done one of those "This is Me and This is What I Do" kinda entries), I have an internship in New York at a production company. We recently came out with a DVD documentary called "Secrets of Angels, Demons, and Masons", and Stuart wants us to use viral marketting (basically word of mouth). It's not bad when it's just posting on websites, but now he wants us to contact hundreds of freemason lodges in the United States to get their e-mail so KOCH can deliver them promos. I had to call a few in Alaska and...that was embarassing. I hate cold calling.

I come in to my internship today, and it's official, I'm sick (sore throat, runny nose, you get the gist of it). My task was to tackle Massachusetts, but since we had a full house today, there wasn't enough computers for anyone and they sent me to work at home. That was kind of a relief because I didn't want to get anyone else sick and I was just feeling kind of weak. And I got my work done, so no harm, no foul.

Today was my mom's birthday, so I called her. And if she's reading this, happy birthday, mom! I was mostly bedridden for the evening, though (except now, I guess).

Yikes, I wrote a lot. My apologies, as I am still a little sick and tend to ramble about nothing. Until next time.