November 24th, 2005


I'm Dreaming of a White Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving, who doesn't like a holiday built on stuffing oneself? In honor of the holiday, I tried to do a few good deeds just to appreciate being alive. Unfortunately, I missed out on giving food at the food drive at work. However, I gave blood on Sunday and I donated to the Christopher Reeve Foundation (well, I bought a Superman dog tag...same thing).

Speaking of purchases, I also pre-ordered the next DVD sets of Superman and Gargoyles. Man, those won't come soon enough. I had to keep my mind off Gargoyles by watching the DVDs I have, but unfortunately and by total coincidence, I ended up watching "Prey of the Black Panther" on Fantastic Four (with Keith David as T'Challa) and "Second Sight" on Deep Space Nine (which had Salli Richardson in it). So much for keeping my mind off it.

But back to Thanksgiving. I spent last Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, but usually I run the Turkey Trot in the morning and go to some friends' house in the afternoon. It snowed last night, and dad woke up with a sore throat (he sounded like Harvey Feirstein), so we didn't go to the race. I did a few miles on the treadmill instead.

Thanksgiving dinner was great, as always, and I ate so much it made me sleepy. I called my mom, my sister, and my grandmother who were all having Thanksgiving in Virginia. I hope the rest of you had a good Thanksgiving. And now to enjoy my four day weekend.