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Easter's not a particularly big holiday for me since I am neither a little kid or a regular churchgoer. And plus now that I work, it's not like I get any days off. My favorite part of Easter is the Cadbury Bunny commercials. You guys remember those? The Cadbury Lion was my favorite.

My dad and I went to this restaurant called Black Rock Castle, a nice Irish place we usually go to. Once again dad and the waitress talked about "the old country" (my dad was born here, but he does have Irish citizenship).

The best part of the evening was when we were talking about grilling, and that Chuck Mangione song came on (the one they play in "I Remember Mono"), and when dad mentioned propane, well, I almost lost it. It was funny!

The meal was good. I had the lamb and dad had the sheppard's pie. I am STUFFED. I also called my mom and grandma. Sounds like they had a good meal too.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter!
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