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Screen Time

So my dad's computer is still in "the shop", as it were. I'm trying to remain optimistic, but if I thought we'd be able to fix it, I wouldn't have bought a replacement tower.

I've been testing out the new tower, got its modem working, and of course, having a DVD player and PowerDVD means more screencaps! Now I can do all sorts of crazy things, like this:

OMG CASSIE!!!! (that is Cassandra Cain in there, isn't it?)

Look, it's Boomhauer's illegitimate son:

It's cool that now I have the first season of Justice League, check it out:

Yes, that's right people, I HAVE gone bananas.

Ever see a banana that can take a bite out of YOU? Stupid space monkey.

Hey, Matt, Scott, and whoever, you guys don't have Userpics. I could capture a nice picture from any DVD and give it to you if you want to use it. Or anyone, really, my services come pretty cheap. I have a vast library of DVDs.

Cartoons make better pictures, though, they're brighter. For live action, you sorta take your chances:

There's enough light in that one...not so much this one:

So yeah, just let me know. But it is on my dad's computer, so I might not get to it right away.
Tags: buffyverse, dcau, dvd, screen grabs

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