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I'm Getting Exploded!

Ugh, I'm such a spaz! Here are the women I forgot:

Amaralis as M (Generation X) - She did nothing for the role.

Suzanne Davis as Buff (Generation X) - Buff? Don't they mean Husk? Guess not. Meh.

Finola Hughes as White Queen (Generation X) - Didn't really work.

Heather McComb as Jubilee (Generation X) - See, I don't remember much about this direct to TV movie, but I remember her sucking.

Selma Blair as Liz Sherman (Hellboy) - Not familiar with the comic, but she was all right.

Okay, now to get down to business. New Avengers: The Illuminati (and the preview of Civil War #1) spoilers.

Big events! Check out the new soon-to-be-avatar:

Points to anyone who can tell me what episode that's from.

Marvel's next event is Civil War, which I don't feel like explaining. But know this: there was an explosion in Stamford, CT!!! D'oh!

You think THAT'S bad, what about the time Paul Anka (the man) met Paul Anka (the dog) on Gilmore Girls? ::flashes back to that episode where Stars Hollow blows up::

And yeah, that was a Family Guy thing but only because Dan Palladino wrote that episode. HE ATTACKED MY STATE! And so did Marvel. They want me to choose sides? FINE! I choose South Park over Family Guy. I won't let it taint the "original 50", as Brad calls it. But as far as the episodes after that? The New Family Guy Adventures? Nope, can't do it. To be fair to Family Guy, though, I DID start this thread at Toon Zone -
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