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Today wasn't the best day for me. I got pranked pretty much all day.

I wake up at 8:30, like I always do on Saturdays, to see what episode of The Batman they're showing. I find Ming Na, wearing nothing but her underwear, standing over my bed. Before I can react, a custard pie hits me in the face. Ming Na turns into Puck, and Mr. Mxyzptlk suddenly appears. Puck was upset that Mxy ruined his prank, and Mxy said it was his turn to prank me. They challenged each other to a prank-off, to see who could out-prank the other. I went back to sleep for a few hours.

I woke up and went downstairs to go work out. I began playing my music, and I hopped on the treadmill. Suddenly, the only thing playing was Brent Spiner singing "Oye Como Va". I couldn't get off the treadmill because Mxyzptlk attached a bomb to it that would go off if it went less than 6 miles an hour. So I stayed on listening to "Oye Como Va" for 45 minutes. Mxy lost points for originality, so Puck won the first round. Puck-1, Mxy-0.

Next, I took a shower. When I got out, I tried to comb my hair, but I found that I no longer had any! I looked into the mirror and saw that Puck had turned me into a Ferengi! Angry, I went downstairs to get some food. My father told me to load the dishwasher and start it, but when I opened it, poisonous snakes jumped out at me! Then my father laughed and turned itno Mxy. Puck-1, Mxy-1.

Later, I went to Clockwork for my weekly comic haul. They're having a 10th anniversary sale all month, so I got my usual comics, 100 boards, and a Wonder Girl action figure all for about 30 bucks. Marvel's Illuminati special came out, but Mr. Mxyzptlk bought the last copy! Damn him! On the way back, Puck created an enormous storm with floods, lightning, and strong winds. He also created a volcano in the middle of I-95 and injured hundreds. But man, I wanted that comic. Round goes to Mxy. Puck-1, Mxy-2.

After I got home, I decided to relax. I turned on the TV, but every channel was showing "I've Got Batman in My Basement", thanks to Mxyzptlk. Instead, I decided to read. Unfortunately, Puck made the voice inside my head sound like Jason Alexander, so I couldn't read, let alone think. Puck-2, Mxy-2.

Before dinner, I tried to get this router thing to work. But then, Mr. Mxyzptlk stole my software! So I couldn't do anything. Then Puck WAOLed me, but it didn't really matter since I was done with the computer. Puck-2, Mxy-3.

For dinner, dad made chicken casserole, which Mxy quickly turned into beaver casserole. I popped in a Justice League DVD, but Puck had changed it to My Brother And Me, thus winning the round. Puck-3, Mxy-3.

With the score tied, and not much time left in the day, the two tricksters went all out. Puck turned me into the most humiliating form ever, a John Kricfalusi drawing of Paris Hilton. Not to be outdone, Mr. Mxyzptlk steals an entire hour out of my weekend. They get so competitive, they stop pranking me and start attacking each other. While they were distracted, I took out my iron knuckles that say "MXYZPTLK" on them. Slipping them on my hands, I pounced on Puck and Mxyie, punching the crap out of both of them. The iron was enough to put Puck out of commission, and I hit Mxyzptlk so hard, a red mark that said "KLTPZYXM" appeared across his face (which banished him back to the fifth dimension). Puck retreated too, and was met by Q and the Impossible Man, who sat back, laughed, and planned what they'd do to me next year.
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