Chris (90scartoonman) wrote,

(Barely) Hanging In There

I knew this new TV season would kick my butt, but man, I didn't realize how hard. In addition to my regular job I had some freelance work to do, which went well, but man, TV is unrelenting. It's bad enough I couldn't finish Doctor Who and the spin-offs over the summer, it's bad enough I'm trying to read the Twilight Saga and then watch the movies, but Time Warner changed all its stations and I had to re-program my DVR but I'm not sure I set up the series recordings correctly. So it's a day to day struggle. I taped the final Beware the Batman episodes but will watch one per week along with a new episode of Gotham. At least my DVR picks up new shows like that.

I go back and forth between completely giving up on all social media like LJ/Facebook/Twitter, but that seems a little drastic. It's been weeks since I could catch up, I've missed updates and burpdays and the like, I said, I'm hanging in there. Still here.

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