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Comic Con Reactions

Yeah, it took me like two weeks to recover, I'm old, okay?

Anyway, this is going to be a bit lengthy and have pictures, so here's a cut...

Opting to work and make money on Thursday and Friday, I only decided to do Comic Con Saturday and Sunday. So Saturday morning, I picked up my friend Jen and drove down to San Diego, where I had already paid for a parking spot.

Jen already had her badge, but I had to get my special presenter badge, which was cool. We separated and I met my friend Clarence. The Once Upon A Time line was too long (despite it being an hour before the panel), so I went to Marvel Animation. Saw a new Ultimate Spider-Man episode, which was cool, and despite the fact that I'm not thrilled about Marvel cartoons at the moment, I still enjoyed it. Fred Tatasciore was there to answer questions as the Hulk. My favorite was when someone asked who his favorite/least favorite Avenger was. He said least favorite was Hawkeye and favorite, despite respecting Black Widow, was Thor and he considers Thor his best friend. We also saw an animated Guardians of the Galaxy sneak peak.

After that, Clarence and I went to the 20th anniversary of Gargoyles panel and a writing panel until we had to go to the film festival for the screening of our film and our panel (and Jen joined in the audience). As you can see here:


It was a LOT of fun. I mean, Clarence was the director so he fielded most questions, but as the co-writer I chimed in a bit.

After that, I had to run ALL the way to the Hilton (on the other side from the convention center as the Marriott, where the film festival was) to do some Boxtroll interviews for Toon Zone. I talked to the cast (Isaac Hempstead Wright, Elle Fanning, and Ben Kingsley) and crew (the two directors and Laika president/CEO). Tiring but exciting!

Then I walked the floor just to decompress while Jen went to the Salem panel. I met up with her afterwards and then we met some other friends and briefly went to a WGA mixer. It was kind of late, so some of us had a brief dinner. Jen and I had a hotel room that wasn't exactly close to the convention center, but I had my car so it was easy to get to. And it was only one night.

Sunday morning, I considered going to the film festival award ceremony, but I didn't want to rush anything. Me and Jen drove back to the spot and then had some Starbucks to start our day.

We saw some of the outside Con stuff, like the Sleepy Hollow section, where the Headless Horseman attacked me.


Some of our other friends were waiting for this Constantine thing, and I got to talk to a guy they had playing him (he was funny). Jen stayed with them and I went on to the Batman For All Seasons panel, which featured people who worked on many different Batman projects like producer of the Batman movies Michael Uslan as well as James Tucker, Brandon Vietti, and Greg Weisman. It was a PURE BATFAN FANTASY panel and I loved it!

They opened it up to questions and said everyone who asked a question would get a DVD and the best question would get a Batman 75th anniversary hat, so I lined up for it. The guy in front of me asked if we'd ever get a Batman Musical, which everyone laughed at, and James Tucker was all "I hope you mean live action because I gave you one on Batman: The Brave and the Bold!" That guy ended up winning the hat. Michael Uslan had said that while watching the 60's Batman show he was dismayed at how campy it was and made a vow as a child to bring a more serious Batman to the general public. I thanked him for fulfilling his vow and asked him what's the most obscure bit of Batman Trivia he knows, and he related a story about knowing that the giant penny in the Batcave is dated 1947. The moderator gave me a DVD and told me I would've won the hat. Ah well, it's the thought that counts.

Clarence told me he and his girlfriend had already left to go back to LA, so I joined some other friends (who were waiting in line for Hall H all Friday night and in Hall H all Saturday) on the floor and then outside for the Simpsons Dome Experience. We got to go inside Homer's Head!


It was actually just an ad for that crazy marathon showing all Simpsons episodes and the Simpsons app, but it was still fun and we got a "survival kit" of granola bars, slim jims, water, etc.

That was pretty much it for me. I found Jen and we drove back to LA. It all happened really fast, and it was so much fun and I did a LOT that even now it kind of seems like a distant memory. But well worth it!
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