Chris (90scartoonman) wrote,

Frost Giants Smell Minty

I just worked a full week of work and my roommate is finally flying back tomorrow. Guess it's safe to say that the holidays are over.

I had a pretty interesting Christmas. My dad flew into LA and stayed with me for a couple days until we drove out to Las Vegas. It was my second time making the drive and my fourth time there. Driving through the desert's kind of boring, but at least I had Christmas music and the Frozen soundtrack.

We ended up staying at the Mandalay Bay, a great place. My sister flew into Vegas later that evening. Unfortunately, it turned out that Krampus had messed with the luggage of that flight and her bags didn't even leave New Jersey.

We tried not to let that ruin things, though. Even if my sister had to buy some new clothes. In the meantime, we took some tours, saw some sights, ate good food, etc. My sister's bags came eventually...two days later.

I suggested we go to Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum in the Venetian. Seeing all the displays was cool and all, but I really wanted to go to see the Marvel 4D Show. Outside the place they had wax figures of Tony Stark, Iron Man, Nick Fury, and Captain America. The show was a lot of fun, even if the plot was kinda basic. Dr. Doom wants to steal Tony Stark's energy source, so Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor have to fight off him and his Doombots, but Loki comes in and causes further trouble. 4D meant there was a sensory experience. Blasts of air were shot into the audience, and when Loki summoned a Frost Giant, a minty smell filled the room. It was a lot of fun.

We also ended up seeing a Cirque du Soleil Show called Zarkana. It was about a ringmaster in an abandoned theatre with a bunch of freaks. It was pretty amazing seeing some of the stunts they performed (I was a little worried about the guys jump-roping on a tightrope), and the clowns were funny.

We were able to order a small Christmas tree and set it up in the hotel rooms. As a gift, my sister gave my father and I some chips to gamble with. I'm not much of a gambler, but I figured hey, why not? My sister learned the fine art of Craps and I joined in, although being at that table was intimidating. I made some low risk bets and ended up coming out on top. However, I lost pretty big when it came to Roulette. Guess my lucky numbers weren't so lucky. I did want to play some slots, though. There was a Dark Knight slot machine and an Iron Man one. I wanted to do one of those, but they were pretty crowded. So instead, I went to this cheap looking Alice in Wonderland penny slot. Somehow I kept hitting the bonus game and kept picking the right boxes, so I ended up winning $40. Crazy, so I just quit while I was ahead.

Christmas went quickly. The day after, I had to take my sister and my father to the Las Vegas airport so they could fly out, and then I drove myself back to Los Angeles.

Even though I got some more days off for New Years, it was pretty low key. I just spend the holiday with a friend and her visiting family. And also rested up for work. Looks like 2014 is going to be a busy year for me. I hope everyone's New Year is off to a great start!
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