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San Diego Comic Con 2013

Here's a (kinda) brief rundown of how I spend my Comic Con. Also with pictures, there will be pictures (well, two):

Drove down to San Diego Thursday morning, got the two day badges I managed to snag, and hung around a bit until I went to The Pitching Hour, a panel about pitching ideas. Met up with my friends who drove separately, and then we went to different panels. Next for me was The Writer's Journey, another writing panel, but this one with Max from Living Single (odd).

Next was the John DiMaggio-hosted I Know That Voice about the voice actor documentary with loads of VAs on the panel (including Rob Paulsen, who sang the first bit of "Countries of the World" when a fan asked). Andrea Romano and Pendleton Ward were there too. Looks like a great doc, I can't wait until it comes out! When they find a distributor.

The last thing I did was the first look at DC's Necessary Evil, the doc about their super villains. It looked cool, and I liked hearing the panel discuss their villains, including Geoff Johns and his insistence Sinestro isn't really a villain. Kinda sad no one talked about Deathstroke, though. Also kind of freaked out by this female psychologist they had who sounded a little too much like Harley Quinn. She says she's so fascinated by the Joker she thinks about him all the time.

Met my friends for dinner at a mall near the hotel, checked into the hotel, and went to bed. Woke up Friday morning, had breakfast with my friends, and then I was off to entertain myself for the first day I didn't have a badge. It wasn't bad, got to see the giant Teen Titans balloons at Lawn Con, got an Adventure Time necklace from Cartoon Network's Free Store, played the new Legend of Zelda and Sonic the Hedgehog games, and took this picture at the Grimm spice shop:


I got free 5 Hour Energy, coffee shot, and Pac Man frozen power pellet drink, so I was a little wired.

I also went to check out Disney Infinity, this crazy massive game where you can be many different Disney characters and go on different missions and build stuff with their toybox. I played as Violet in the Incredibles one. Not sure if I want to buy the game now, as I have little time, and they seem to just have Incrediles, Cars, Pirates of the Carribean, Monsters University, and a few others to start with. Ended up returning to the hotel and slept.

Saturday, another badge-less day, but having a better feel for the outside Con stuff allowed me to wander to other areas. Played more video games, like Mickey Mouse Illusions or whatever it's called, checked out the cool stuff at Nerd HQ, and waited in line to take this picture:


Ha, I love it! I also saw Silas Weir Mitchell hanging outside the Grimm spice shop. I checked out some of Geek and Sundry's new movie (Felicia Day was at this bar), but I left to wait in line for Disney Infinity again. They had people doing sketches of any Disney character there, so I had an evil scheme to get a Melody sketch. Unfortunately, after waiting for that, the guy couldn't do Melody from memory and no one could get internet on the phone, so I just had him draw me Ariel.

Following that I went to a Writers Guild and Video Game Guild drinks and schmooze thing. I got to talk to Stan Berkowitz (DCAU) and Tom Tataranowicz (MCAU)! Yay!

Back to the hotel, bed, final breakfast, check out of the hotel, and to the Con just in time to not get into DuckTales: Remastered. I caught the tail end of Scooby Doo (it's hilarious seeing kids ask questions) so I could stay for the Cartoon Voices panel, which I always love going to. After that, I went to Beware the Batman. Great to hear the producers and actors talk about the show, but I don't know why they showed the Humpty Dumpty episode, which is the fifth one, on a series that has some continuity. Nearly made it into 25 Years of the Disney Afternoon, they like, JUST ran out of space and closed the door right before I could get in. Rats!

I spent the rest of the Con on the floor. The second part of my Melody scheme didn't even pay off. This one booth had the Teen Titans VAs signing autographs, and I wanted Tara Strong to autograph my Melody picture, but she couldn't make it for whatever reason. I debated getting Scott Menville or Khary Payton's autographs, but I ended up passing. I did, instead, end up buying two X-Men trades, Revolution (which just came out) and the Dark Phoenix Saga (a new 30th anniversary trade) and Amazing Spider-Man #700. Although I stopped reading ASM a year or two ago, eh, a milestone's a milestone.

After 5, everything shut down, and it was time to leave...ah Comic Con, how I love thee.
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