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What I'm Thankful For...TV!!!

I've been wondering about this for a while, actually. What ARE my favorite TV shows? Like, the top HUNDRED. So, on the day of being thankful, I decided to write my list of what I'm thankful for...all one hundred of them!

Once Upon A Time really got me thinking. I love the show, and I anticipate each and every episode...I don't remember the last time I was so enthusiastic about something, so I decided to compare it to other shows. Making the list was tough since there's shows that are fresh in my mind, shows that are still on the air, and the nostalgia factor of much older shows...but then I figured all those would balance each other out. Although it seems like the shows that are still on are ranked either really high or really low.

Obviously, this list is EXTREMELY subjective and in no way indicative of the quality of the show. It's all about what has had a positive reaction from me. Also, I'm using a "Best Of" kind of ranking. Has The Simpsons gone down in quality? Of course. Does that make the earlier episodes worse in hindsight? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

List under the cut.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I had to do some trimming of the list, so I left off anything British, Japanese, or anything foreign (except a couple Canadian shows may've snuck their way in). I also wanted to keep off any shows that were on the air before I was born, but, that didn't happen.

Also, decided to exclude shows like The Daily Show and SNL. Anyhow, here is my list:

1. The Simpsons
2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
3. Angel
4. Futurama
5. South Park
6. Batman the Animated Series
7. Justice League/Unlimited
8. Lost
9. Community
10. Arrested Development
11. The Twilight Zone
12. King of the Hill
13. Gargoyles
14. Once Upon A Time
15. Superman the Animated Series
16. Sabrina the Teenage Witch
17. Avatar the Last Airbender
18. Reboot
19. Mystery Science Theatre 3000
20. 30 Rock
21. The Ren & Stimpy Show
22. Doug
23. Seinfeld
24. The Office
25. Parks and Recreation
26. The Critic
27. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
28. Young Justice
29. Hercules the Legendary Journeys
30. Xena Warrior Princess
31. Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman
32. Star Trek the Next Generation
33. Boy Meets World
34. X-Men The Animated Series
35. Spider-Man The Animated Series
36. Batman Beyond
37. Samurai Jack
38. Scrubs
39. Animaniacs
40. Pinky and the Brain
41. Daria
42. The Wonder Years
43. Gilmore Girls
44. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
45. Teen Titans
46. Smallville
47. Firefly
48. Batman the Brave and the Bold
49. Fantastic Four The Animated Series
50. Iron Man The Animated Series
51. Disney's Aladdin The Animated Series
52. Disney’s Hercules The Animated Series
53. Family Guy
54. American Dad
55. Spectacular Spider-Man
56. Hulk The Animated Series
57. X-Men Evolution
58. Monk
59. Heroes
60. Wolverine and the X-Men
61. Legion of Super Heroes
62. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (80’s, however you distinguish Turtles shows)
63. Kim Possible
64. Rocko’s Modern Life
65. The Adventures of Pete and Pete
66. Happy Days
67. The Drew Carey Show
68. Tiny Toon Adventures
69. The Batman
70. Recess
71. Darkwing Duck
72. Star Trek The Original Series
73. The Walking Dead
74. Dexter’s Laboratory
75. Talespin
76. Duck Tales
77. The Flash
78. Beetlejuice
79. Dawson’s Creek
80. Jumanji
81. Peter Pan and the Pirates
82. Phineas and Ferb
83. The Legend of Korra
84. Green Lantern the Animated Series
85. Freakazoid
86. Duckman
87. The Tick
88. Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends
89. Star Trek Enterprise
90. Space Cases
91. Two Guys And A Girl
92. Gummi Bears
93. The Secret World of Alex Mack
94. Disney’s The Little Mermaid The Animated Series
95. Robot Chicken
96. Weird Science
97. House of Mouse
98. Pirates of Dark Water
99. Witchblade
100. Saved By The Bell

List is most certainly subject to change, but for the time being, I doubt any of these shows will move too significantly (although the last 10 or so may fall off the list entirely, who knows?).

EDIT: Totally forgot Malcolm in the Middle, you can probably put that in at 91 for Two Guys And A Girl.
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