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San Diego Comic Con 2012: DC Nation

I decided to do a separate post on the DC Nation panel because I have a lot to say about it. The panel includes info on Green Lantern, Young Justice, Beware the Batman, New Teen Titans, and the shorts. This may get a BIT spoilerific, but only in the sense that I saw an overlong commercial for them (I know who the alien bad is on Young Justice but won't spoil that). Anyway, info below the cut:

Kevin Smith was the surprise moderator, and although I love his enthusiasm for all this (it's funny he said the people who are working on Beware the Batman are "doing God's work"), should they really have had such a pottymouth moderate a panel with lots of kids in attendance? Ah well.

DC Nation Shorts: Looks like we're getting some more cool shorts. I'm glad they are coming out with action-oriented ones, but I have to geek out over the comedic one...Justice League of Animals (not Justa Lotta Animals?)!!! Diedrich Bader as Batmongoose! I was going to ask the panel if we were going to get more Batman: The Brave and the Bold shorts, but the line was too long and I was too far away.

New Teen Titans: Hm, considering the shift in the creative team, I'm not holding out any hope for plotlines from the old show being picked up, and if they are, it'll just be for gags (like the recent Red X short). I'm going to keep an open mind about the series, and I'm hoping it's popularity will give us a Super Best Friends Forever show.

Green Lantern: More Green Lanterns! I thought season one was solid, but the problem was, we didn't get to see enough of the Green Lantern Corps (only Hal, Kilowog, Salaak, and Mogo). It looks like they're changing that now. Tomar Re! Another Earth Lantern! And a certain small and fuzzy Lantern!

Young Justice: I'm not going to spoil what I saw, but I'll say this - whatever happened in the Teen Titans cartoon will NOT keep Young Justice from using those characters. We already know because Beast Boy is on the show, but there is more to come!

Beware the Batman: I was unsure of this show at first, but now I'm looking forward to it. We got to see a lot of the set and equipment design as well as the new characters. And oooooh, man the new characters! Katana is a weird choice over a Robin or a Batgirl, but she'll be there, Metamorpho will make an appearance, so maybe there will be Outsiders? And Grant Morrison villains! Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad! I never thought I'd see a Batman character whose first appearance I own appear on TV (not counting the cameos in Batman: The Brave and the Bold). They said they're going to focus more on Batman being a detective, so that's another thing I'm curious about.

Long story short, I'm really excited about the new DC Nation stuff!
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