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Comic Con Experience

Yeah, I know I'm like a month late with this. Leave me alone. Here's a recap of how Comic Con went down for me this year.

I drove down to San Diego Thursday morning with my roommate Howard, and we parked near our hotel, then took the train to the convention center. We picked up our badges, and I did:

Hotel Transylvania - Looks like a cool movie, and I love seeing Genndy Tartakovsky's fans. I did a write-up for Toon Zone here:

Marvel The Next Big Thing - It sucks that I'm not as caught up on comics as I'd like to be, but it's cool I got to see what Marvel's planning, especially with X-Factor, which I'm a huge fan of. They also talked about the new Gambit and Captain Marvel series. Carol Danvers promoted from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel? Cool.

Nintendo Room - Lego Batman is fun!

Walked around the exhibit hall, dinner, then hotel check-in. Friday:

ParaNorman in Hall H - I got to sit in the press section! It was cool, and I'm looking forward to the movie. Did a write-up for Toon Zone:

ParaNorman roundtable interview - Never done one of these before, but I got to interview the cast and crew of ParaNorman! Fun!

Kodi Smit McPhee -

Christopher Mitnz-Plasse -

Anna Kendrick -

Writers/Directors -

Producers/Animators -

Tail End of Bones - David Boreanaz! Haha, everyone asked him about vampires and Joss Whedon. He's a great sport.

Arrow - O. M. G!!! I'm really excited about this show! They screened the whole pilot, and there's an Easter Egg in the first 15 seconds that had the audience gasping, and there was a ton of intense action. The questions were all moderated, but when asked about if Dinah's going to become Black Canary, the producers said "It's not as soon as you want, but it'll be sooner than you expect." YES!

More floor stuff, got a free Arrow comic, and then back to hotel. Saturday:

Ballroom 20 Attempt - Ugh, so I met my friend Tom, who biked from LA, and then we went over to the Convention Center. I thought I got into the Ballroom 20 line nice and early (over an hour before Once Upon A Time started), but I still didn't get in...grrr! I really wanted to see OUaT, it had Ginnifer Goodwin, Emilie de Ravin, and a bunch of others from the show, but I guess people wanted to get into the room early, there were Simpsons and Family Guy stuff after...argh.

Cartoon Voices I - At least I made it to this one. Matthew Mercer (who looks like he could be a live action Tygra), Debi Derryberry, April Winchell (yay!), Steve Blum (Wolverine!), Jim Ward, Jack Angel (12th highest grossing movie actor yeah!), and Chuck McCann (legendary). Tons of fun!

Hasbro Marvel - I''m not a big toy collector, but it's cool to see what they have.

Con Atmosphere - Didn't go to many panels in the evening, had dinner with Tom, walked the grounds a bit. Terry O'Quinn on a radio program! Every single live action Batmobile!

Anyhow, back to the hotel and on to Sunday:

Young Justice - Again, not familiar with the Nu52, but I did like to hear about the young heroes. I do want to check out Teen Titans, it's just weird most of them haven't even interacted with their mentors yet (Wonder Girl hasn't met Wonder Woman, Kid Flash hasn't met Flash, etc.). The best part of the panel were the fan costumes, they looked REALLY good. Someone dressed as Cheshire from the Young Justice cartoon and had a baby Lian doll in her backpack.

Cartoon Voices II - Rob Paulsen (hilarious as always), Audrey Wasilewski, Gregg Berger, Misty Lee, Fred Tatasciore (Hulk SMASH!), and Dee Bradley Baker (I knew this guy was talented, but man...he's like the next Frank Welker).

Last Exhibit Hall Search - Like last year, I decided not to buy stuff until the last day, see what I could get cheap. I ended up buying a Rorschach hat and two batarangs for $20.

So that was my experience. I don't think I did as much as last year (and I didn't dress up), but I think I paced myself better, and I still had fun. Comic Con...WOO!
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