Chris (90scartoonman) wrote,

Nomad Days

Hi everyone,

So I had to be out of my apartment last Sunday the 17th. The only problem...I didn't have a new place to live! Still deciding on places. So I moved my things into friends' apartments, my furniture into one friend's, smaller stuff into my future roommate's, and then the rest into the place I ended up staying.

Luckily, I did have a friend who let me stay on her couch for the week, meanwhile, my other friend and I decided on which place we wanted to live. It was kind of a nightmare getting all the paperwork signed, and I had to play the waiting game while not really doing anything over the week, but I got through it.

So FINALLY I got the keys to my new place yesterday and moved most of my stuff in. Hooray! Except DWP said they won't turn my power on until Monday. Boo! And I'm shopping around for a good cable/internet/DVR package. So no internet! I'm at the library right now getting in some e-mail/LJ time while I can...hopefully I'll have this stuff resolved early next week!
Tags: life, moving

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