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Crazy Month

So, hard to believe I graduated a few weeks ago. It was a great weekend, and all, it just went by fast. My dad, my sister, and my aunt all flew in to LA (separate days, just to make it fun), and I had my exit interview with the Dean along with my classmates. It was fun having my family here. We hiked Runyon Canyon, saw an Anaheim Angels game, and we even ate at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles! Graduation was on a Sunday. My class is small, and the ceremony went quickly. And I officially got my MFA! Just us Screenwriters and our families met and had a catered lunch. It was amazing and delicious! So families left and things got quiet...until we had to prepare our pitches! It was actually pretty frightening, summing up our theses in 5 minutes and pitching our ideas to industry people. And there were 11 of them! That means I had to talk for nearly 90 minutes straight! Oy, well, at least I got it over with and we all had a nice dinner afterwards. And now...well, now's the part I don't know. I'm still working at the library for the summer, and I'm going to have to move fairly soon since my lease is up June 17th. We'll see where that takes me.
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