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Images...and How Ashamed I Should Be

Okay, spoilers for the Young Justice episode from a couple weeks ago "Image", but something strange happened to me while watching it...then again at the library...

So, as you can see in my Tags, I AM obsessed with redheaded women. This includes Miss Martian aka Megan Morse...but wait...does it include M'Gann M'Orzz? Well, no, she is bald. But...I like Miss Martian! Actually, I don't like her too much in the comics, Teen Titans was a dark time back then.

But she's awesome on Young Justice! I feel sorry for her, that she has to hide her true, horrific alien self from her teammates. She shouldn't be lying to them by putting on a false persona...but her false persona is so much fun! Hello, Megan!

I'm conflicted. Do I like her because she's a cool character, do I like her fake personality, or do I like her shape-shifted redhair? I dunno. I was at work and saw the book "Math Doesn't Suck" by Danica McKellar. Of course, I picked it up to look at it because, well "Hello, Megan!" But I read the intro, and it made me feel bad. Here's the story she shared:

I had a friend in high school who had beautiful, long, naturally red hair, and for years, everywhere she went, everyone told her how much they loved her long, red hair: friends, family, strangers, everyone. Finally, one day, when she was about seventeen years old, she showed up to school with her hair cut short - and dyed jet black! She said she was tired of people complimenting her hair, and she needed to know what people liked about her. She had that same empty feeling on the inside that I did when people talked to me about being on TV. She wanted to be valued for something real, for what was on the inside. Of course, she was smart and funny and interesting - she just needed to figure that out for herself. And don't worry, her red hair did eventually grow back!

So the moral of the story is...don't be obsessed with redheaded women just because they have redhair? Uh...this might be a tough one...
Tags: cartoons, dc comics, disturbing redhead obsession, teen titans, vas, young justice
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