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Spring Break...Yay?

Not really so far because I'm still busy with so much! Actually, I can't say I haven't enjoyed myself, I did go to Vegas with some friends over the weekend. I hate gambling (although there was a tempting Dark Knight slot machine), so I'm glad I got to see a show and eat some great food. We stayed in the Stratosphere. Plus we went to the Hoover Dam!

But now I'm back...and doing work for the internships I told to leave me alone for the week and catching up on school stuff I've been severely neglecting. I know it's my fault for taking on so much, and hopefully it'll be a good thing in the long run, but right now it feels like I'm doing the bare minimum to get by, and that's no good.

I need like an extra day to get stuff done...oh, wait, it's Leap Year. I do have an extra day. Maybe that means more stuff done, we'll see. There will be more entries, that's for sure (I hope).
Tags: batman, internship, las vegas, life

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