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Cartoon Blood, Cartoon Blood, Radioactive Cartoon Blood!

I'd just love to complain about my job, but since Weatherman stole my thunder, I'll have to hold off that entry until another time (actually, I wasn't going to do it tonight anyway, because I have a rant brewing, but that'll have to sit for a while).

Yeah, work has been sucking lately, but the one positive thing I did today was give blood. The first time I did it was my senior year in high school, and then I did it once or twice in college. Last summer was the first time I gave blood in Connecticut in years, so they gave me this new donor card, and now they call every three months to pester me! But it's good, I like to give blood.

I went after work today at this new center. They asked me the usual questions, and then I waited in the designated area. They had Spongebob Squarepants on TV and I was all "Damn, I want my Teen Titans and Justice League DVDs!" But before I could sing "Master of Your Fate", they brought me over to the seating place, and stuck me something fierce!

I always said I could pick out Lori Alan's voice from across a busy room. Turns out I can't. Stupid Spongebob and it's angular whales that are too small to actually be whales!

So where was I? Yeah! They stuck me, they drained me, and I got cookies and water! Hooray for me! Type O positive! Universal donor, baby! I've got me some red gold flowing through my veins!

I kinda want to talk to the people who recieve my blood. I'd go:

"You've got one pint of 90's Cartoonblood insideja! Congratulations! Now be warned, you will feel stronger, faster, and more focused, but there WILL be side effects! You're definitely going to want to watch DVDs, that's only natural. Start out with something small, like a Futurama, because my blood likes laughter. You're going to want to watch Mask of The Phantasm or a really good episode of Buffy to geek out on, but DON'T do this right away! You're not ready, and being exposed to that too soon may cause a geek overload, which can be quite a shock for the unprepared. Oh, and you'll also have intense feelings of romance, nostalgia, and passion. If you're married or dating someone, congratulations, your desires will be met! If you aren't, however, take a nice, fast run around the block a few times. And don't forget to play the Iron Man theme song while you do it. That should help out a bit. Lastly, you're going to be craving strange foods, like gyros, tacquitos, or pecan pies. That's natural, listen to your gut. In 4-5 weeks, you'll find yourself addicted to internet message boards and live journals. Good luck, and don't say I didn't warn ya!"
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