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The History of Everything

I wrote this a while back (late 2002, actually) just for the heck of it, but Jeb has inspired me to actually post it. So, here's how human destiny was forged:

Before humans, before dinosaurs, another race existed. No one knows what they look like. The dinosaurs rose and fell, and other species took their place, human and demon alike. The planet was only big enough for one dominant species, so humans harnessed Earth's magic and banished the demons into other dimensions, but not before a demon fed on a human and left a curse upon humanity, the vampire. The humans needed a champion, so powerful sorcerers created a hero in one young girl, The Slayer, to battle the darkness. Whenever one Slayer was killed, another would take her place.

Eventually human societies were formed, but they became subservient to the gods. The gods were powerful, but they were flawed, like the humans. Norway, Egypt, and especially Greece had their own pantheons and heroes. Greece's Slayer was known as Thessily. Heracles, born of god and man, was also a Greek champion. With the dawn of the first age of heroes, humans began relying more on themselves and less on the gods. The gods, petty and bored, warred with each other. Some gods killed each other, some were killed by heroes like Xena, and some just went away.

Gods declined and the role of hero was elevated. Heroes were born of royal and divine blood and often ruled. Beowulf and Cuchulain were examples of just heroes whose legends will always live on.

Heroes provided for men in this life, but they couldn't provide for the afterlife. The one, true God made himself known. Unlike the pantheistic gods, this God was omnipotent and omniscient. Rather than directly interfere, He sent many signs of faith and redemption to humanity. Those who were once gods became less. The group of witches, tricksters, and false gods became known as faerie folk, dark elves, and many other names.

One of the greatest legends of hero-kings that served the one true God was King Arthur. His knights, particularly Gawain, were continually on a quest for virtue and honor. Arthur's kingdom wasn't perfect, and like many things, it collapsed from within.

Civilization began to decline after the fall of the hero-kings. Man turned against man. A caste system developed. Alliances that were once formed with gargoyles dissolved. Greed lead to wars, chaos, and slaughter.

Monarchies were no longer a thing to be admired. Kings were mad with power and boredom. Colonies formed for the purpose of profit. Kingdoms such as Spain realized that this was fleeting. There were few heroes, and Slayers walked in secret.

A shift in power began as colonies fought for their independence. New countries such as The United States of America took power away from rulers and gave voice to the people. With it, the common man was no longer exploited, and industry began to develop. Communities were brought closer together and the supernatural became the superstition. The Third Race still lurked and vampires fed, but they did it in secret.

With industry developing, so did transportation and communication. This benefitted many, but as with the case of many things, human greed got in the way. Two wars broke out across the entire world in the span of less than fifty years.

The Allies, who fought against tyranny, sought heroes, much like the legendary ones of old, to inspire bravery and the ideals once lost. At first, the heroes wore masks and worked in secret. They used gimmicks such as sand guns, cosmic rods, and mechanical gizmos. Powered heroes also emerged, including those with power rings, super speed, and magic. The United States needed a public hero to inspire freedom. A super soldier program produced Captain America.

The war was won, but not without cost. Captain America was lost. The next few decades were filled with fear and paranoia. Masked heroes were driven away by the country that once relied on them.

Another age of heroes was soon born. A strange visitor from another planet named Superman had immense power and used it to protect humanity. An orphaned boy rises to become the peak in human achievement and battle crime as the Batman. Much like the mystery men of the 40's, heroes took up the names of Green Lantern, Flash, The Atom, and others.

Heroes sprung up and superteams formed. The Justice League of America boasted a powerful roster. Heroes in Japan wielding great power emerged. Mankind's experience with science and radiation empowered many and created more heroes. Geniuses, gods, and kings all came together to protect mankind once more. Lost heroes such as Captain America and a clan of gargoyles frozen in time re-emerged. The new Slayer, Buffy Summers, and her group of friends would find a way to greatly tip the balance of power in their favor.

With change came gray areas. Humans began evolving into mutants. The X-Men formed and preached tolerance while they policed their own. Gargoyles, vampires, and demons were exposed after being hidden for so long. The world became more advanced and complicated than ever.

The heroes showed no signs of stopping. Members of the JLA and The Avengers fell, but they were always replaced with new ones. Younger heroes came together to form Generation X, The New Warriors, The Teen Titans, and The Young Avengers to ensure that the future will have defenders.

Glimpses of the future show ultimate battles on an inconcievable level, but also hope. Heroes have children who become heroes, and the legendary mantle of The Bat will live on. Humanity will finally achieve the greatness it was always destined for. Earth will become unified and almost utopic. Earth will explore outside its boarders and continue to have adventures, legends, and heroes.
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