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LOL, Captain Seafarer, LOL

All right, taken from the esteemed Mr. Zimmer (by the way, Matt, I've only watched up to "The Great Brain Robbery", can I still read your latest entry about JLU?). Here's a profile on the star of Seafarer himself...


Name: Captain Johnathan Revere

Age: 25

M/F: M

Species: Hu-mon

Weight: 180 lbs.

Height: 5'11

Hair: Black

Fur Color: Non-applicable

Eyes: Ocean blue

Dress: Vest, t-shirt, black pants, belt, boots I haven't given that much thought to it

Visual Description: Sorta like a 17-th century English captain would dress, but not so stuffy. He carries a rapier and a pistol in his belt, and he also sometimes wears a gold medallion (that his father earned posthomously for honor).

Birthplace: A small town in The Monarchy

Affiliations: Naval Academy (dropped out)

Occupation: Captain; explorer, occational errand boy, adventurer

Base of Operations: Mobile (by means of The Seachest)

Place of Residence: Corringtown (in The Monarchy)

Friends/Allies: Pete Bristol (first mate), Otis "Sea Urchin" Matthers (mechanic), Merman, Seagull, Smitty, Amos, Andros, and the rest of his crew

Enemies: Cruel Cray and the crew of the Black Skull, Aquarius The God of the Sea (sometimes enemy), and...uh...Agent Fish? Haven't made that many

Strengths: Able to think on his feet, persuasive and charismatic, clever

Weaknesses: Doesn't plan too far ahead, impulsive, dislikes authority and restriction, somewhat arrogant

Skills: Three years of naval training (knowledge of ships, navigation, charting by stars, swordsmanship, marksmanship, and hand to hand combat)

Personality: Easy-going but determined when he gets his mind set on something. Thrill seeker, he likes being in control of his life. He knows when to joke around and when to be a captain. He asks for loyalty and honesty, but that's because he's a loyal and honest man.

Girlfriend/ Love Interest: He's in store for an ill-fated fling with bartender Merina, and he'll also have encounters with Calypso-like and Circe-like characters. If he ever has a one true love, he hasn't met her yet.

Ex-Girlfriends: Nothing serious.

Parents: Father, deceased. Mother, Katherine

Siblings: None

History/ What we know: Revere enrolled in the naval academy 8 years ago, but dropped out 3 years in when his father died in the Battle of Paleisus. Revere achieved the rank of captain but didn't become a full-fledged naval officer. He inherited his father's ship, The Seafarer, and renamed it The Seachest. For the past 5 years, he's been exploring and delivering cargo and messages to earn his money. He has an apartment on land, but he prefers his cabin on The Seachest.

Quote: "The calm, the storm, the aftermath. There's not a thing about the open water I don't like."
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