Chris (90scartoonman) wrote,

Studying Abroad

At the request of eldarwannabe, I'm going to try and recall studying abroad in Ireland.

The year was 2003, the summer between my junior and senior year of college. I wanted to go to Ireland, not just because the culture shock is easy to deal with, but also because my dad has dual citizenship.

So I flew on Eire Lingus and got to Shannon Airport, then I made my way to Cork. I stayed at University College Cork, in a two-level house (4 rooms to each level). It was a beautiful school, and Cork's one of the cities in Ireland with the best weather.

I was there for about two months and studied both Irish history and literature. We went on a few field trips there, but I can't remember exactly.

My dad came right at the end, and I got to go to Galway, Dublin, and Athlone (where our relatives are). Saw a ton of stuff that week, including the Cliffs of Moher, Aran Islands, the Writer's Museum, and the Abbey Theatre (didn't end up seeing anything there, though).

So, that was my experience. It was a whole lot of fun and definitely worthwhile.
Tags: ireland, school

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