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New Story Idea

Hey guys! So I'm about to submit Seafarer to Speakeasy, when I find out they go belly up! Oh well, my next stop is Platinum Studios! I already have issue #2 plotted, I'm just in the process of writting the whole thing out.

In the meantime, I'm working on another idea that's not so much action-fantasy as it is wacky/strange-fantasy. My story is about a travelling salesman who goes to different dimensions and time periods peddling his wares.

I have to be careful about this because there have been lots of travelling salesmen stories in comics (wasn't Donald Duck a travelling salesman once?), but a lot of them are jerks and "get what's coming to them" in the end. My main character is going to be warm and friendly and remind you of your favorite uncle. What I really want to do is be able to imagine some crazy worlds and situations, here are some ideas:

- Two men try to one up each other on what they own

-The Forbidden City (aka The City of Tomorrow)

-For The Man Who Has Everything (yeah, I know I stole that title, but it's about him trying to sell something to a guy who automatically creates anything he imagines)

-Lovers from two countries locked in war buy gifts for each other

-An issue guest written by Sam and Brad (just because you guys are crazy, but remember, you can't kill, corrupt, change the history of, or otherwise permanently disfigure any of my main characters...I don't want the lead to end up really being a walrus dressed as a salesman)

-Selling ice to an eskimo

-Depending on legality, crossovers/cameos/homages with Tom Sawyer, the old lady who lived in a shoe (well, that's obviously public domain), Ferengi, Gilda and Meek, Joseph Grimaldi, and Johnathan Swift (among others).

I appreciate anyone's imput/suggestions. I'm still trying to figure out a name for the guy. Something along the lines of Floyd or Chester. Maybe Walter, Cyrus...I dunno...any ideas?
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