Chris (90scartoonman) wrote,

10 Characters Meme Answers

Whoops, waited for this one longer than I should've. Here are my ten characters:

1. Ariel
2. Spider-Man
3. Batman
4. Angel
5. The Magus
6. Thor
7. Captain Cold
8. Willow
9. She-Hulk
10. Bart Allen

spankingfemme asks:

If #3 kissed #7, how would #7 react?

If Batman kissed Captain Cold, how would Captain Cold react? He would probably freak out. He knows Batman's reputation, and most villains are afraid of him, so that would scare Cold even more.

scottyquick asks:

Would 4/8 every stand a chance in hell?

Angel and Willow? If they were literally in Hell, they'd be able to break out. Angel's been in Hell before, and Willow is a goddess, so they'd be okay.

As a couple, they wouldn't work because of the whole Buffy issue. And also, Willow's gay.

He also asks...

Evens vs Odds, who'd win?

Ariel, Batman, Magus, Captain Cold, and She-Hulk vs.
Spider-Man, Angel, Thor, Willow, and Bart.

Uh, the team with Batman on it?

Actually, Thor and Willow is a heck of a powerful combination. Spider-Man and Bart would have to distract Batman, which is tough but doable if they team up, and that would leave Angel to fend off Ariel (not too hard), Magus (may be a problem but Angel does have experience with magic users), Captain Cold (maybe he'd somehow get Cold to freeze Ariel), and She-Hulk (which would be his toughest challenge) until Willow adds her power to Thor's and they just wreck the other team.


If She-Hulk and Thor tangle early, that leaves Magus to fight Willow, and either he'd win by himself or Captain Cold would zap her while she's distracted. That would leave Batman to beat Spider-Man and Ariel could take down Bart if she lures him into the water (Flashes burn out their oxygen supply fairly quickly). They'd probably all have to come together to beat Thor. He'd be weakened by fighting She-Hulk, but he wouldn't be beaten.
Tags: angel, batman, buffy the vampire slayer, dc comics, disney, gargoyles, little mermaid, marvel comics, meme, spider-man, the flash, thor

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