Chris (90scartoonman) wrote,

Every Time I Try To Get Out, They Drag Me Back In...

Consarn it!  And I really wanted to drop the Ultimate line too.  Well, except Ultimate Spider-Man, but Ultimatum sucked, and I have no interest in the rest of the Ultimate Universe.

Although Millar's return to the Ultimates did pique my interest...

But NO!  I can't afford it!

Except I already did.  They canceled Ultimate X-Men, but I renewed all my subscriptions in May in anticipation of the upcoming drought, and now my subscription has changed over to Ultimate Avengers.  Could be worse, but what if I like the book so much I end up renewing it next year?  Argh.

I'm too sentimental to cancel the subscription.  I've had this since I was in high school.  First it was Generation X, then that got canceled, and they moved me over to Ultimate X-Men, and now that that's canceled, it's Ultimate Avengers.  Sheesh.
Tags: comic books, marvel comics

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