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DVDs, TPBs, HCs, and Chicken Parm

I got not one but TWO Amazon orders today! Woo-hoo! This must be what it feels like to be Daffy Dork (only still rational)!!!

Work was pretty much same old same old, but I made chicken parm last night and brought it in for everyone. They seemed to enjoy it, so I'm happy with that.

When I got home from work, I saw an Amazon package in the door and a small one in the mail box. The one in the mail box was the Ultimate Avengers DVD I pre-ordered that came out on Tuesday. I watched it tonight, and I'm too pumped from seeing some of my favorite heroes animted to give it an objective review, so I'll wait a while.

The other box was another order I made. I sorta got a little excited (with my internship over, I've been making twice as much a week), so I ordered a bunch of things when I pre-ordered my Justice League and Batman Beyond DVDs. I thought they'd all come together, but they shipped the books separately.

So what I got was Invincible The Ultimate Collection 1 (I like what I've seen of Kirkman so far, and I've been hearing great stuff about Invincible), Showcase Presents Justice League of America (I still need to finish my Green Lantern), Batman Year One (because unlike Phantasm and Weatherman, I actually haven't read it, but I'm glad I got the hardcover), and The DC Stories of Alan Moore (so now I can finally find out what you get for the man who has everything as well as whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow).

And yes, I am very, VERY happy!
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