Chris (90scartoonman) wrote,

Top Superhero Movies (aka I Just Love Sequels)

I highly enjoyed Dark Knight, as well as Iron Man a few months ago, and have found myself saying "Top 5, maybe Top 3". I think it's time for me to revisit my list just to see what's on it. Of course, this thing changes constantly, so much so I refuse to put a number 1 on it, but as of today, here are my top ten superhero movies(only counting live action theatrical releases):

11) Superman Returns
10) Superman
9) Spider-Man
8) Batman Begins
7) Batman Returns
6) Superman 2
5) Iron Man
4) X2
3) The Dark Knight
2) Spider-Man 2
1) Batman & Robin

Hmm...I still don't feel very satisfied with this list. Odd...
Tags: batman, comic book movies, iron man, movies, spider-man, superman, x-men

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