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Super Hero Karaoke

Now, I've been working on this for a while, but I haven't mentioned it before. I was going to wait until I've successfully ripped all this audio off the DVDs. However, mattzimmer made me aware of an episode of DS9 when Kira sings, which has made me realize I may not know everything about musical selection in superhero/sci-fi/fantasy shows. Here's what I have so far, any additions are appreciated.

I've also been using the free trial version of No.1 DVD Audio Ripper, if anyone has a better choice than that, suggest away.

It seems like it's a DC tradition to have characters sing in their show, and I think in the past 20 years, Legion of Superheroes is one of the few exceptions (Smallville seemed to get the memo, but in their case, they thought Lois doing a pole dance would fit the quota). Sadly, Marvel's selection isn't that great, and to my knowledge, only includes two lousy songs from the horrible first season of the 90's Fantastic Four show. Ah well. I also noticed that there are quite a few actual karaoke scenes, like from Angel, JLU, and Teen Titans, hence where I got the name from.

I haven't decided on the order yet, but going in chronological order (for the most part), this is my list:

"Say That We're Sweethearts Again" - Arlene Sorkin/Harley Quinn
"I've Got A Crush On You" - Lois Lane (not sure if that was actually Teri Hatcher singing)
"Reboot Recap Song" - Various
"It's Clobberin' Time" - Chuck McCann/The Thing
"I Just Flame On" - Brian Austin Green/Human Torch
Batman Opera - Kevin Conroy and various
"Mandy" - David Boreanaz/Angel
"It's Not Easy Being Green" - Andy Hallett/Lorne
"Walk Through the Fire" - Sarah Michelle Gellar/Buffy and various
"Walking on the Wild Side" - ?
"Lulu's Back in Town" - Rachel York/Circe
"Am I Blue?" - Kevin Conroy/Batman
"Master of Your Fate" - Tom Kenny/Mumbo Jumbo
"Teen Titans Main Title (English translation)" - Greg Cipes/Beast Boy and various
"Setting The Woods on Fire" - Kevin Michael Richardson/Joker and Hynden Walch/Harley Quinn

I'll be adding the DS9 song when I get around to renting it again, and probably the song Picard and Data sing in that movie (Insurrection?). I know Buffy had an entire musical to herself, but since I'm trying to make a selection, I only chose one song. Comedy shows and Disney are off limits (although I'm tempted to put in the Circe song from Hercules with "Lulu's Back in Town" since it makes sense and thematically the episode is a lot like "This Little Piggy"), but I think I'm going to throw in the "New Justice Team" song from Futurama just because it sort of fits well with everything. I know there were songs on Hercules and Xena, but I don't quite have the resources to go through those now. This is still a work in progress.

Comments, suggestions, whatever are appreciated.
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