October 1st already? Wow, what a busy summer. And it will be an even busier fall (especially with TV back now...yes, that plays a part in things). So, it's with a heavy heart that I'm going to have to say so long to LiveJournal.

We've had some laughs, we've killed some time, but now that time has passed.

I'm going to be wrapping a few things up over the next week or so, but then that's it. I may pop my head back in every now and then, but don't hold me to that. If you want to friend me on other social media venues that don't suck me in for hours at a time (Facebook, Twitter), you can PM me.'s been a trip and a half!


In preparation of the new Cinderella live action movie, which I'll be watching tonight, I decided to watch a bunch of different versions of the story. I also read the Charles Perrault version and the Brothers Grimm one. So I figured I'd write down my thoughts on various additions/subtractions and what I liked and didn't like.

I marathoned the entire Disney Cinderella trilogy...which is weird because I still haven't done that for the Aladdin or Little Mermaid movies.

Obvious spoilers for the classic Cinderella story, but more specific spoilers to be ware of include the Disney sequels, Happily N'Ever After, Into the Woods (the 2015 version) and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

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(Barely) Hanging In There

I knew this new TV season would kick my butt, but man, I didn't realize how hard. In addition to my regular job I had some freelance work to do, which went well, but man, TV is unrelenting. It's bad enough I couldn't finish Doctor Who and the spin-offs over the summer, it's bad enough I'm trying to read the Twilight Saga and then watch the movies, but Time Warner changed all its stations and I had to re-program my DVR but I'm not sure I set up the series recordings correctly. So it's a day to day struggle. I taped the final Beware the Batman episodes but will watch one per week along with a new episode of Gotham. At least my DVR picks up new shows like that.

I go back and forth between completely giving up on all social media like LJ/Facebook/Twitter, but that seems a little drastic. It's been weeks since I could catch up, I've missed updates and burpdays and the like, I said, I'm hanging in there. Still here.

Comic Con Time!!!

I honestly wasn't planning on going this's an exciting yet expensive event, after all! However, a short film I co-wrote that my friend directed ("A Day of Havoc") made it into the film festival, which means I got a badge!

However, I am still trying to save money. I'm not going to Comic Con for the whole time because I'm still working Thursday and Friday. Also, I have a parking spot for both Saturday and Sunday actual hotel. Eh, I'll wing it!

The festival is on Saturday and the winners are announced Sunday...wish me luck!

It Ended...For Now

Man, that was...that spring was quite the experience and flew by fast.

So yeah, in late March, I had that crazy project at work I had to do that really messed me up and my schedule. But I made a lot of money, so...yay!

April was a lot of catching up for me. I mean, I needed to get my eating right, I needed to work out again, and I needed to catch up on TV.

There was a lot of TV to watch, sheesh! Glad I was able to watch the Agents of SHIELD and Captain America: The Winter soldier in the proper order. So impressed they were able to do that and all within one week!

Also got to the theatre to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. SO GOOD! Amazing Spider-Man I'm still refusing to pay money for. Wow, well, I've caught up on TV and season finales have aired. Will try to get to theatres for Maleficent and How To Train Your Dragon 2. Other than that, I don't have a lot of summer plans...try not to spend too much money!

Hope everyone else is doing well, been trying to catch up on LJ entries. This was my first three day weekend since...New Years?

When Will It End?

Pretty soon, actually, but in the meantime, work as been brutal.

Thanks to a new project that needs to be done by the first of April, I've had to put in a lot of hours at work. Like, a lot. I've been leaving my place around 5:30 in the morning only to get back home at 10 at night. I even had to work Saturday, although I did get today off.

In for another week of this (and possibly next weekend). I hope I can get through it, but that'll mean not being able to spend much internet or TV time...ah well, I'll just tell myself I can binge when it's all over.

Hope everyone's doing okay and enjoying Spring!

My Top 30 Fanboy Obsessions of All Time

Posted in response to what mattzimmer did a while back. I had to ask myself what my top 30 Fandoms of all time are, and I think I've settled on something reasonably accurate.

There is some overlap, such as the Marvel and DC stuff and then their universes in other mediums, but that's just kind of how it goes.

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